The precious yellow metal, gold, has been fashioned into jewellery that brings to the fore the Indian subcontinent’s ancient heritage in the Mohenjodaro collection.

Drawing on the love for gold in India’s cultural traditions, VCJ brings a collection of jewellery that is a testament to the brand’s mastery over material and design. 

Explore the VCJ Mohenjodaro collection of gold jewellery comprising of neckpieces, ear rings, bangles, bracelets, rings, and more for every day, bridal, and occasion wear.

Gold has always been the most valuable jewellery choice since time immemorial. It reflects India’s folklore and heritage, embedded in modern jewellery designs. However, only the best jewellers in India can offer authentic, intricately designed gold jewellery. Vikas Chain Jewellers (VCJ) is among the elite Delhi gold jewellers that radiate opulence in every piece of gold jewellery crafted to perfection.

Our heirloom-designed pieces of gold jewellery make us well-known and one of the best gold jewellery brands in India. Our skilled artisans consistently adhere to the rule of making state-of-the-art designer jewellery. Moreover, our choice of the finest elements in new designs and our transparent dealings put us right there among the top jewellers in India. While you are at VCJ, you can embrace the essence of every special event at your place with the most lavish gold jewellery collection you can find at our showroom.