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Your jewellery is not merely an accessory but a treasured possession. To keep your jewellery shining and as good as new year after year, it takes love and a little care.

As good as the jewellery looks on you, it deserves to be kept away from chemicals. Keep your jewellery away from exposure to makeup, perfume, or any chemical cleaning agents to prevent damage.

Each piece of jewellery has its own traits which deserve specific attention. Be mindful of the design, style, and material when you clean it.

Storing jewellery is part of its care, which is why we recommend you store it in the fabric-lined boxes we provide you with your purchases at VCJ. These will keep them safe from dust and scratches.

Gold Jewellery

Your beautiful gold jewellery can accumulate dust over time, dulling their shine. Use a soft cloth to clean them routinely for removing the dust and dirt.

Be it your everyday jewellery or pieces you only wear occasionally, store the gold jewellery in their boxes to prevent any damage to them.


If the gold jewellery has gemstones studded in it, do check them for any signs of looseness. If it is the case, then bring them to us for a resetting. 

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Diamond Jewellery

The brilliant sparkle of diamond jewellery is its hallmark and to retain it, you must keep it clean and free from any stains.

Sweat and grime can cause a film to form on diamonds, dulling their sparkle. Use warm soapy water and a soft brush to clean the diamond jewellery. Then wipe it clean using a soft cloth.

For your heirloom and ornate diamond jewellery, choose professional cleaning solutions. Our experts will give your diamond jewellery that sparkling shine with their professional treatment.

Polki Jewellery

The timelessly elegant polki jewellery requires special care. Store them in muslin cloth or the special boxes they are purchased in from VCJ.

Use makeup or perfume before wearing the polki jewellery to prevent them from damaging the stones.

If there are any loose stones in your polki jewellery, then bring them to us for a resetting.