At VCJ, each piece is crafted with the finest attention to detail, testifying to the mastery of our artisans who spend hours to give them final shape.

The purest precious metals and enchanting gemstones are wrought in designs that are an attestation of our mastery over materials.


For over four decades, VCJ has been the brand trusted and admired by clientele who value the artistry that goes behind the making of jewellery.

As the generations of the Verma family continue to take the brand forward into the new century, so have generations of customers continued to place their trust in the legacy of refinement that has become synonymous with the brand.


The bespoke jewellery of VCJ is sheer beauty epitomized in designs that draw on India’s rich cultural heritage while adhering to the changing winds of fashion trends.

Explore the most exquisite selections of gold, diamond, polki jewellery for every special occasion and everyday wear, crafted for contemporary connoisseurs of opulence.